How to Shape your Brows

How to shape your brows and Lift your Brow GAme

Lift your Brow Game, published in Nexus Magazine NZ

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Lift your Brow Game, Part One:

Want to know the secret to having well groomed brows but afraid to grab the tweezers in case you end up looking like Grandma?

In this two part series the Sweet Painted Lady is going to take your brows to rehab! Brows are an important part of your face.

Technically they keep dust particles out of your eyes and aesthetically they frame the face and can change the proportions of your eyes and nose. Without brows your face just looks weird. Or weirder.

The image below demonstrates where your brows should start and begin. Brows come in all shapes and sizes, from naturally well arched, dead straight, to over plucked, full and strong or what we affectionately call the ‘tadpole’ (thicker at the base with a thin tail).


1. Look at the natural line of the outer bridge of your nose and imagine a fine line running from it up to your brow. This is where your first brow hairs should begin. Still unsure? Try holding a makeup brush along that line to see the start of these hairs.

2. From the exact starting point of line one visualise (hold your brush) on an angle past the outer edge of your pupil and upwards. This should be the highest point of your arch.

3. The final line from the first line runs on the outer edge of your nostril and outwards, this is where your brow ends.

Follow these steps and you can create proportioned brows to complement your face shape. If you feel your brows need a good shaping and you’re not keen to overhaul them yourself then book an appointment with a brow specialist.

After you have had them shaped you can use these three steps as a way to maintain your shape. 

How to fill in Your Brows


Reproduced with Permission by Nexus Magazine NZ



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