Make Up Project: Tears of Black and Gold

I thought I would share the shots from the latest shoot I put together inspired by the artwork Simon Morse did for Odessa’s album cover a few years back. We have the print hanging in our lounge and I often looked at wondering if I could pull off a shoot based on it so I contacted Simon and he was keen so I put some plans into action and these were the final results!


This is the original print I drew inspiration from….we have it framed because I meet my husband at an Odessa gig!


The completed result! The gorgeous dame is the lovely Bettie Rage an up and coming Alt/ Pinup Model in New Zealand.


And then we played!


Hair, Make Up, Styling by The Sweet Painted Lady ( me!)

Wardrobe, Styling and Hats provided by Amy Jansen Leen

Photography by Shifting Light Photography

Model: Bettie Rage