Daily Outfit

Not the best pic but I love that Corvan made a cameo
Last week I picked this dress up from the lovely Monique after we did a swap for a 50’s skirt I had. Mon told me it came from her grandmothers collection which makes me love it more now that I know its back ground. Corvan and I headed out for our weekly thrift and coffee and I was stopped a few time by strangers to say ” you look like a picture, Don’t you look colourful!, I love your look and one gentleman who told me I looked precious” Made my day , nice change from half the comments that seem to fall out of peoples mouths these days.
Daily Outfit:
Dress: Vintage 50’s from Monique
Belt: No idea, seems like I have had it for ever
Head scarf: Thrifted
Earrings: Gift from the my brother and sister in law
Slip: Vintage – I love the colour and its a nice pop against the dress as the front opens a little high at the bottom button.
Photo: Corvan chose his first toy today..so proud its an original sunshine carebear, is that his first retro purchase
Corvan picked his first toy today as well! I heard him say teddy! turned around and he had his eyes on a original Sunshine care bear! His first retro purchase and it was only $2!

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