Sweet Tips: Make your own lip palette – Super quick and easy!

On Saturday I shared a image on Instagram of the lip palette I was working on and someone mentioned they would like a tutorial on it. Its super quick and easy to do which I know we all love!
Use it as a great way to use up the last of your lipsticks and those you forgot you had. On a professional note it helps to streamline your kit without digging through a dozen lipsticks looking for the right shade.

You will need:

  • A candle
  • Old teaspoon
  • Palette – I brought a fake nail container from the dollar store, threw away the nails and used the container – You can buy lipstick palettes this purpose but I was being impatient and decided I wanted to do it now!
  • Toothpick or skewer
  • Marker
lipstick palette
1. Light candle, cut off a portion of the lippy ( I use the skewer) and put into the teaspoon.
2. Hold teaspoon over the flame and you will see the lipstick melt, keep the melting point at a light   turn over not vigorously bubbling – you don’t want to burn the lipstick.
The skewer is great to move the lumps around  though I have found the better quality the lippy the quicker the melting point.
3. When melted pour into a partition of you palette and move the palette around so that the product spreads and sets evenly – setting happens quickly.
4. Turn the palette over and mark the bottom with what the lip colour/ brand is or if you can get the ref sticker off the bottom of the original lipstick canister then pop this on.

** Use the skewer to scoop the lipstick out of inside the tube as there is generally a lot of product in there.

Pro tips : Want to create a new lip colour? try mixing to shades together at melting point


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