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 I had a great little conversation with my lovely followers on the Sweet Painted Lady Facebook page the other week about how often we washed our make up brushes and what did we clean them with? Some guilty ladies admitted that they only washed their brushes every couple of months or more but know they should wash them more…
I wash my brushes every week or more if its been a busy week and spray with isopropyl alcohol between clients.
Washing them every week is a good habit to get into as the product  and natural oils build up between the brush hairs and then harmful bacteria begins to breed.

If you find that you suffer acne or a lot of skin congestion and you haven’t washed your brushes recently, start giving them a regular clean and you may notice your skin will start to clear…after all every time you use them dirty you are just transferring the bacteria back and forth. Its a vicious cycle!

No that’s not tea in my cup, that’s foundation from one client! You can see there is still remnants of foundation in the bristles. Try washing you brushes with  grease cutting shampoo for men, separate the hairs as you wash it in the palm of your hand before squeezing the excess moisture out, reshaping and laying flat or bristles down to dry. A conditioner on your natural bristle brushes every 4/5 washes will keep them in tidy condition.

Apart from my synthetic foundation brushes I wash all my natural hair brushes with shampoo before removing the moisture, reshaping and placing flat to dry in the sun on a towel ( bristles over the edge so air can move around them). If your in a wetter climate you can place them in the hot water cupboard to speed up the drying process. Don’t dry them with a hair dryer as the heat settings may damage your bristles and cause them to frizz.

I have also began sanitising my palettes thanks to a great post written by Amie Make Up Artist about cosmetic hygiene. Its well worth the read so pop HERE to check it out



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  1. I highly recommend taping them, bristles down, on a wall/door/fridge to dry – lying them down can still let water get into the ferule and dissolve the glue!

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