Gatsby prep: 1920’s finger waves

This week has been a roller coaster of excitement! more on that later!
Tonight the Bombshell Beauty’s are descending on Lido to see The Great Gatsby to indulge in costuming, hair and 1920’s decadence. I thought while bubs was asleep I would give finger waving my hair ago, using Lisa Freemonts hair tutorial ” Bangin Out a Wave – 1920’s/ 1930’s Finger waving”
My hair is cut in a classic bob with blunt bangs and not alot of natural wave so I used a tonne of setting lotion, from The Teaser Lounge.

Finger Waves Sweet Painted Lady
Using the finger wave clips was a great help, some of these where my grandmothers.

Finger Waves Sweet Painted Lady


At the bottom of the waves I added pin curls, Lisa recommends these so the weight of your hair doesn’t drag your waves down. You will notice a extra little clip up the top, I used that to control a stray part of my bangs along with some of my husbands pomade to stick in into submission!

When it drys I will share with you the complete look, I hope it works eeek!


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